Jan Alexandersson

Competence Center on Ambient Assisted Living, DFKI Saarbrücken


In this talk, I’ll present the EU FP7 project Metalogue – Multiperspective Multimodal Dialogue. Metalogue brings together three research communities,

  1. Cognitive Models & Theory of Mind;
  2. Multimodal & Multiparty HCI;
  3. Technology-Enhance Learning

in order to research, develop and evaluate tools that allow citizens to improve their metacognitive skills. The foundation of the project’s prototypes is the large corpus collection and annotation (available via LDC in Q1/2017). In addition to the R&D methodology, the talk will particularly present the project’s multimodal system and their components, including a KALDI-based ASR, a robust semantic interpreter, dialogue management and, finally the metacognitive engine. In addition to the evaluation results several tools will be presented and additionally demonstrated at the conference.


Jan Alexandersson is a Principal Researcher and DFKI Research Fellow, Head of the DFKI Ambient Assisted Living Competence Centre and President of the OpenURC Alliance. He has a master in Computer Science from Linköping University (1993) and a PhD from Saarland University (2003). His research expertise includes multilingual and multimodal user interfaces, Ambient Assisted Living with a particular focus on accessibility, security, mobility, smart home and Health and Wellbeing. He has participated in several domestic projects including VerbMobil and SmartSenior. He coordinated several domestic and European project including the FP7 project Metalogue as well as several projects involving research, development and application of the OpenURC technology including FP6 i2home/VITAL, SUCH, Mobia/mobisaar and DiDiER. In addition to services within Organizing/Programming Committees of international conferences, he is active within several ISO standardisation groups including ISO/IEC 24752 on Universal Remote Console and 24617-2 on DiAML.